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Venture Capital Lawyers

Private Equity Investments Attorneys, Representing Business Owners and Investors

Even in difficult economic times, opportunities abound for innovative entrepreneurs and visionary investors. Venture capital firms and private equity groups seek substantial upside and an exit strategy. Startups want capital to get their shot at greatness. The challenge comes in connecting the two sides in a way that meets the needs of both, while vigorously protecting our client.

In facilitating advantageous venture capital and private equity investments for our clients, our attorneys work with individuals and groups of investors as well as emerging companies, each of whom has specific goals and particular legal concerns. Whether you are looking to secure funding to exploit a great idea or to locate or develop a unique investment opportunity, we can be of assistance. Contact us to learn more about our top-notch capabilities and our affordable rates.

Make the Most of Your Opportunity

We counsel clients in a variety of financing and investment contexts, advising them on their options and helping them make the most of their opportunities while avoiding pitfalls that can leave them disappointed, or worse. For business founders, this means understanding the expectations of venture capitalists and the degree of ownership and profit they should be prepared to give up in exchange for life-giving investment in their companies. For investors, it means maximizing the potential upside of an opportunity while minimizing the risks.

As an agile law firm whose attorneys have 35 years of experience with business clients, our competencies include:

Experienced Venture Capital Attorneys

Our lawyers are experienced in the legal issues and nuances of venture capital and private equity. We are well versed in all relevant areas of New York and New Jersey law, and we can help you optimize your position as an investor or as a business owner. Contact us to schedule an appointment.