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Partnership Dispute Resolution Lawyers

While the attorneys at Steinbach & Associates believe in forging strong, everlasting relationships among business owners, sometimes disputes arise.  For example, a partner or member may be in breach of the partnership/operating agreement; a partner or member may be trying to leave in violation of an agreement, taking clients with him; a partner or member may wish to enforce restrictive covenants, non-solicitation, non-poaching and/or confidentiality provisions of the partnership/operating agreement; and/or the partners or members may be in a deadlock over a major management decision.  Professional practices (e.g., attorneys, doctors) have numerous additional considerations and legal requirements.

Our attorneys are particularly adept at “playing the chess game,” knowing how and when to move in order to enforce your rights in the most effective and efficient manner.  Our vast experience gives us the ability to find the “hidden gems” in your partnership/operating/shareholders agreements to most favorably resolve your dispute.  If need be, we may even employ a strategy of forcing a dissolution.  And if the situation warrants, our litigation team has a proven track record of successfully litigating partnership disputes.

Contact us to discuss your partnership dispute or other business matter with an experienced lawyer. We serve clients throughout New Jersey and in New York City.