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Business Formation Lawyers

Capital Development Attorneys, Covering New Jersey and the New York City Metro Area

Raising money is not a simple process, but there are excellent opportunities available for those with confidence, a viable business model and the right people on their side. If you have a great business idea, we can help you move it forward with the formation and financing of your entity as you raise the capital you need to operate. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced lawyers.

Building the Foundation and Securing the Funding

We support startups and young businesses in entity formation by helping them determine whether an LLC, S corporation or C corporation will be optimal, and whether domestic or offshore formation (a topic on which we have published) serves their best interests. In doing so, we consider issues of personal liability, tax concerns, ownership, succession and management structure. Once your business is defined and mapped out, we can do all the legal work involved in getting funding from whatever sources best meet your needs. Our capabilities include:

Business Formation Attorneys

With 35 years of experience in the practice of business law in New York and New Jersey, we provide sophisticated counsel while being agile, efficient and surprisingly affordable. Contact us.