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Corporate Counsel Lawyers

Results-Oriented Small & Mid-Size Business Attorneys

Having regular, dependable access to a knowledgeable attorney is critical to the success of a business. But it is not feasible for smaller companies to have in-house counsel of their own. The need to protect your interests, take advantage of opportunities and manage risk is real; the method of getting comprehensive legal services, when you need them, is not always clear.

Steinbach & Associates provides outsourced general counsel on a pay-as-you-go (or retainer) basis. Our services reflect 35 years of extensive New York and New Jersey corporate experience, while still being surprisingly affordable and practical. Contact us to learn more.

Efficient, Personalized and Comprehensive

As a growing business, you can have legal advice and representation of a quality that you thought was only available to big companies. You can have all of your legal concerns covered by one source that understands exactly who you are. We can help you level the playing field with bigger companies by handling these issues, among others:

We represent all manner of clients, from public companies to established multigenerational businesses to startups in a variety of industries that want a lean legal team but need to cover a lot of territory. Our clients are consistently satisfied with our services and rates.

Attorneys for Business Owners Throughout New Jersey and the New York Metro Area

Our corporate counsel attorneys work with businesses of various sizes across numerous industries. Contact us to speak to a lawyer about your needs.